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We are creating a dynamic online education hub bringing together ambitious people from around the world  to grow together as speakers, find our voices and impact more lives!

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My name is Christine Frey!  I'm a Global Citizen, ambitious Online Entrepreneur,  Digital Speaking Expert, Speaking Community Leader and Founder of the Digital Speaking Academy. 

Growing up in a small village in Germany, I was probably the shyest girl and teenager you can imagine, struggling to even order my own ice cream. 

However, I have always been passionate for communication, language and culture and in 2010 I moved to the UK to complete my MSc in International Applied Communication. 

Years and years of personal development and continuous research into how to overcome limiting beliefs and to find my voice, allowed me to finally live my dream of becoming a confident public speaker. 

I'm now an international speaker and online course creator and I'm hosting regular webinars and workshops, coaching passionate men and women worldwide to find their authentic digital voice and speak confidently in front of a camera and on stage.  

Connecting with my global network and helping people grow is what truly fulfils me in life. This is why I'm creating the Digital Speaking Academy. 

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